Law Review membership provides the unique opportunity for law students to work on a student-run law journal. All work published in the Law Review is selected and edited by its student members. Additionally, all Law Review members are required to compose original works of legal scholarship, some of which are selected for publication in the Law Review. Thus, membership provides the distinctive opportunity to work as both an editor and an author of important scholarship.

The legal profession recognizes Law Review participation as a significant accomplishment and a valuable experience. For many Law Review members, Law Review service is the single most enriching and rewarding experience of their law school career.

Eligibility Requirements
Students in good academic standing are qualified to participate in the Law Review writing competition upon completion of twenty-nine academic credits, generally at the end of their first academic year. All students who participate in the writing competition are considered for Law Review membership.

Selection Criteria
Selection decisions are based equally on (1) performance in the writing competition and (2) grade point average.  There are no automatic invitations based on grades. Therefore, all students interested in Law Review membership must participate in the writing competition.

Writing Competition
The annual writing competition is administered immediately following the Spring final examination period. The competition usually calls for participants to write a law review-type article based on provided materials. All materials necessary to complete the assignment are supplied; no additional research is required or allowed. Writing competition submissions are anonymous and collaboration is not allowed. Membership decisions are usually made by mid to late July.

Law Review members generally visit classrooms during March to discuss the writing competition.

Continued Membership Requirements
All members are expected to complete assignments in a timely manner and fulfill responsibilities described in the bylaws. Staff member responsibilities include (1) producing a Note or Comment of publishable quality, (2) Bluebooking and editing articles selected for publication, (3) producing a Rhode Island Survey of publishable quality, and (4) Bluebooking and editing a Rhode Island Survey.