Forthcoming Issues

Volume 20 No. 1, January 2015: National Edition 

  • The Promises of New York Times v. Sullivan, David A. Anderson
  • Taking Justice Kennedy Seriously: Why Windsor Was Decided “quite apart from principles of federalism, Helen J. Knowles
  • Prayer for Relief: Considering the Limits of Religious Practices in the Military, Jonathan S. Sussman
U.S. Supreme Court Surveys: 2013-2014 Term
  • Harris v. Quinn: What We Talk About When We Talk About Right-to-Work Laws, Michael J. Yelnosky
  • United States v. Castleman: The Meaning of Domestic Violence, Emily J. Sack
Notes & Comments
  • If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Say It Anyway: Libel Tourism and the SPEECH Act, Nicole M. Manzo


Volume 20 No. 2, March 2015: Symposium Edition

(to be announced)


Volume 20 No. 3, May 2015: Rhode Island Edition

(to be announced)