Forthcoming Issues

Volume 19 No. 2, March 2014: Symposium Edition 

  • The Honorable Laureen A. D’Ambra, The Importance of Conducting In-camera Testimony of Child Witnesses in Court Proceedings: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Relevant Domestic Relations, Juvenile Justice and Criminal Cases
  • Wendy Murphy, Traumatized Children Who Participate in Legal Proceedings are Entitled to Testimonial and Participatory Accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Carly P. Smith, Jennifer M. Gómez & Jennifer J. Freyd, The Psychology of Judicial Betrayal
  • Gail S. Goodman, Deborah A. Goldfarb, Jia Chong & Lauren Goodman-Shaver, Children’s Eyewitness Memory: The Influence of Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Factors
  • Ross E. Cheit & Andrea Matthews, Revisiting the Jordan, Minnesota Cases
  • Nicholas Bala, Canada’s Empirically-Based Child Competency Test and its Principled Approach to Hearsay

Volume 19 No. 3, May 2014: Rhode Island Edition 

This year, the Rhode Island Edition will also join the rest of Roger Williams University and the Rhode Island legal community in celebrating the law school’s 20th Anniversary. The 2014 Rhode Island Edition (Volume 19 No. 3) will contain pieces that highlight the history and success of the law school, and articles that undoubtedly will contribute to the Rhode Island legal community.