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Additional Information: 

The Roger Williams University Law Review is published three times a year.

The Winter publication includes articles, notes, and comments devoted to legal issues on the national level.

The Spring publication is the Rhode Island Edition of the Law Review and focuses solely on Rhode Island legal issues.  The edition is published in May of each year to commemorate Rhode Island’s independence from Great Britain on May 4, 1776.  The Rhode Island Edition contains articles written by accomplished practitioners and scholars who are well versed on the legal issues affecting Rhode Island, as well as student notes and comments written by the Roger Williams University Law Review editorial staff members.  Finally, the edition contains surveys of the most important Rhode Island Supreme Court cases decided during the latest term and summaries of public laws recently enacted by the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Additionally, every year there is an issue focused on academic symposia directed by the Law School faculty.  The topic varies from year to year.